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1. Performance evaluation:. Your HR system should be the centralized location from where you supervise the work of your employees, track progress, and set goals for them and the team.
2. Employee scheduling:. Using this feature, you can easily schedule shifts and attendance, and keep track of who is doing what at any moment of time. This will improve your assignment practices, improve cooperation between departments, and soothe the effect of bumpy changes in the schedule.
3. Time tracking & Attendance management:. Most businesses trigger this function to manage absence, and make sure it won’t affect their regular line of work. Certain solutions will also monitor accrual and usage of PTO and sick days, or provide rules-based mechanisms with alerts and notifications.
4. Recruiting & Applicant tracking:. With modules such as this one, the manager can store and evaluate applications, monitor candidates, and perform accurate background check. The very same module will often generate tools for efficient onboarding and access to materials.
5.Learning management:. HR systems are not all about cultivating workforce and directing its performance. What they do even better is to retain talented performers, by giving them a chance to learn something new and to develop. Needless to say, this makes every team more competitive, as top workers know they will be rewarded for the effort they invest.
6. Payroll management:. It is questionable whether an HR system would make sense without a benefits and payroll management kit, exactly because handing payment dues is the most tedious and error-prone part of an HR manager’s work. Good systems will thus provide employee benefits including paid time off, insurance policies on medical/dental/life, and 401k participation, and also manages employee 401k contributions, salaries, bonuses, as well as health other deductions; calculates taxes; and cuts paychecks. You should also check whether they are enabled for direct deposits, and whether they work in line with tax rules and labor standards valid in your region.
7.Analytics & Reporting:. In the best possible case, your HR system will be able to process the inserted data, and help you pull off all desired stats without using a third-party app.


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